Configuring Pwman3ΒΆ

By default Pwman3 will read the configuration file from the following path on Unix like systems:


On windows the configuration is found in %APPDATA/pwman/%

You can override this by giving the -c <Config File> at the commnad line when starting Pwman3.

The configuration file has the following structure:

Option = Value

The following is an example default config file:

history = <PWMAN_DATA_DIR>/history

save = True
colors = yes
cp_timeout = 5
umask = 0100
cls_timeout = 10
xsel = /usr/bin/xsel
lock_timeout = 60

filename = sqlite:///<PWMAN_DATA_DIR>/pwman.db`

supress_version_check = no
client_info = ee5cd64310568736b971e3fb7c7064a4459b99a2b78672515fd0f06c82f65d5

On Windows PWMAN_DATA_DIR is %APPDATA/pwman/% on Unix like systems it is


A detailed table of all configuration parameters is found in pwman.util.config.Config.